Burrito Bison

on Friday, February 18, 2011
Burrito Bison is yet another launcher game, this one by NotDoppler. The setup is as follows. You, a macho, manly luchador, are browsing the candy isle of a food store when suddenly a bag of candy open up and pulls you into an alternate dimension. You are then pitted against a giant jawbreaker in a wrestling ring. Instead of fighting however, you choose to take the easy way out by flinging yourself sky high with the use of the ropes of the ring. Along the way, you end up inadvertently committing genocide against thousands of gummy bears, but who could blame you?

The game play is straightforward as can be, you launch yourself, watch the screen, occasionally click to slam yourself onto the ground or use travel boosts, and then fail and purchase upgrades. Wash, rinse, repeat about 30 times and you have enough upgrades to actually finish the game. You spend 80% of this game just watching, and about half of your runs are pointless grinds to be able to make enough capital to buy an upgrade you need. The upgrades pretty much do everything for you, as I completely ignored the game and it beat itself with all upgrades maxed while I was off doing something else. Other than the upgrades, the only thing in the game that stops you from winning are cop gummy bears, which are neigh unavoidable at high speeds. Since there is little you can do to prevent them from slowing you, its best to do your damnedest to stay as high as you can and try to never touch the ground.

The art is pretty, and the sound is fairly well done. All the gummy bear types are distinct and easily recognizable from one another, and the same applies to the travel powers. The sound effects are nicely done, but the music gets grating after about two minutes, luckily it can be turned off.

Overall, Burrito Bison is a completely misable game, but if you enjoy a game where you don't actually do much playing it may be worth checking out.

For those of you having trouble finishing burrito bison, or breaking through the final glass wall, The most important upgrades are Rockets, Initial Launch Speed, Hang Gliders, Bounciness, and Endurance. Hang gliders and rockets are the only things capable of negating the slowdown you take from cops, and breaking the glass wall will be hard without them, even at level five endurance.

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