Epic Fail

on Monday, March 7, 2011
Life as a bunny is harsh. If  it's not landmines blowing you to bits, its the aliens wanting to give you an anal probe. And to top it all off, you are expected to traverse a deadly maze for a few sweet seconds of un-PC bunny love.

Epic Fail is a game by mif2000, and sponsored by Mochi Games. You take control of a rabbit who must find his way through a deadly maze. Not only that, but it is filled to the brim with 3 foot wide flying saucers, and itty bitty landmines. Sadly, these things are both the right size for a rabbit, and will abduct and maim you appropriately. The maze will take you a bit to solve, since you can only see a bit of it at once, but since its a static maze, the game really lacks replay value.

The game is really short, as in under ten minutes if you look out for mines, which are actually fairly difficult to see while moving through a maze. The four mines in the picture is pretty obvious of course, but they get slightly trickier in placement as you go deeper into the maze.

I really do like the art style here, but it feels like it was wasted on the length of the game. The game play wasn't terrible, and it definitely could have stood to have a couple more levels to showcase the nice graphical work that was put into the tile set.

Epic fail is definitely useful for killing, oh say ten minutes, but once you know the map, the game is finished, there is nothing more to do, and it finds itself on the short side of the game length to fun bell curve.

Below is the full map for those who want it(via Newgrounds):


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